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Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977)

The Russian aristocracy sometimes think they created the Côte d'Azur. Well, would you like Saint Petersburg in winter? Nabokov's grandfather created an "imitation Nice" in Russia. As early as 1923, Nabokov published a poem celebrating life in Provence. As well as Nice Nabokov lived in Switzerland writing in Russian) and the USA (writing in English), the setting of his best known novel "Lolita" . His "Pale Fire" is one of the literary adventures of the 20th Century.

Peter Mayle

"Discovered" Provence like Columbus discovered America. He now lives in California. The many spoofs of "A Year in Provence" are very funny - "A Year in Cricklewood" , "A Year in Addlestone" , "A year in Proxima Centauri" etc.

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