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The Virtual Riviera Web Site provides a persuasive and cost-effective way for businesses, organisations and individuals to advertise and communicate with the world.

Organisations based in the Côte d'Azur can get their message across to millions of people all over the globe.

Companies with international products and brands can also benefit by presenting their message with the Riviera as a backdrop. Thus adding style, cachet and a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to their image.

The Virtual Riviera Site

'To capture and hold the attention of the world as only the French Riviera can.'

The Virtual Riviera Web Site embodies the distinct identity of this unique part of the world. The sites many many sections reflect the myriad facets of the Côte d'Azur: its towns and villages, its culture, its history, its characters, its colours...everything except its marvellous climate (but we're working on it, until then, turn up the brightness on your monitor and wear sunglasses).

To achieve and maintain its objective stated above, the Site must be:


As well as many different sections and pages, the Site has clickable maps, easy to use directory pages, guest books and information request forms. There is also internal search engine, so you can type n keywords and find the information you want straight away.


One of the great advantages at Virtual Riviera's disposal is the fact that both its server and staff are located at the heart of the Côte d'Azur in the Old Town of Antibes. The upshot being that all information is first hand.

Another advantage is the nature of hypertext and the Web. Whereas traditional print and broadcast media have print and transmission deadlines as well as length and time constraints, the Site has none - it can grow and change as theRiviera does.

The Added Value Site

The Virtual Riviera Media designers approach he content, design and dynamics of the Site from a marketing and communication point of view.

In fact its members are drawn not from computing backgrounds, but from advertising, marketing and design-based areas. The questions we ask are; 'what is the objective of this page,is it effective, is it memorable, does it help the client's business?'

Tracking and Developing Response

"Only half of my advertising budget is spent effectively, it's just I don't know which half."

Though it's grown into a cliche over the years, the advent of the World Wide Web has made it untrue.

Every time a hyperlink is clicked on, that action is saved and analysed by the Virtual Riviera server. These statistics are automatically updated on a continuous basis. As well as showing exactly how many viewers a page has had over a given time, they can to some extent be broken down into country of origin.

VRAI strongly recommends the use of Guest Books and Information Request Forms to further qualify this information. The real opportunity is to develop the relationship with the customer - online questionnaires are just one effective way to do this.

Another powerful tool in developing and tracking response is the use of incentives. These can achieve good results for very little cost. An example: a Hotel has a brochure request form. By including a voucher for, say, a free bottle of wine on arrival, the hotel can track the effectiveness of its marketing from the number of page viewers right down to how many people walk through the foyer as paying guests. There has never been such a powerful, accurate and inexpensive method to test different incentive and price packages.

A Modular Structure And Approach

Advertisers can choose a basic package at the level which suits them. Then by adding combinations of pages and hyperlinks, the client can create a bespoke site which can be altered seasonally, to tie in with special promotions and new products, or simply to expand its scope.

Getting in Touch

It's impossible to list all the ideas and commercial advantages of the Virtual Riviera Web Site without dealing with specific business briefs.

If you would like to find out more, or even just drop us a line, go right ahead, we'll be glad to hear from you. Simply send us an e-mail .

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