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History tells us that a knight named Torpes, who was a sterward at Nero's palace in Pisa, refused to renounce Christ and was, therefore sentenced to death. His head was cut off and thrown away. Much later, it was recovered by Christians who deposited it in the church of St Tropez, which still stands in Pisa. His body was placed in a boat with a cock and a dog, animals that symbolized parricide to the Romans.

On May 17th in the year 68 AD, boat s the boat, driven east by the winds for several months, ran aground at Le Pilon. A Roman woman found the body of the Roman officer in full uniform, accompanied by the cock and the dog. The boat, its crew, and the holy martyr are depicted in polychrome carvings in the church of St Tropez. Not until the late 19th century, long after "the discovery" of Cannes and Monaco , was the charm of St Tropez revealed. It took a novelist and a painter, both sailors , to realize the beauty, light, and serenity.

The writer,Guy de Maupassant , sailed into St Tropez with his boat Bel Ami in 1887 and described almost instantly his enthusiasm for the region in his story, Sur l'eau. A few years later, in 1892, the young painter Signaccruised into the port on his boat "Olympia." His fascination with the village and the surrounding countryside enticed him to stay until World War I broke out in 1914. During that time he painted most of his masterpieces, inspired by the beauty of the region, still recognizable in his paintings. His enthusiasm brought many other artists of his generation, who were soon followed by younger ones. In the late 1950s, St Tropez became the scene of the film "And God Created Woman", a film that skyrocketed Brigitte Bardot and St Tropez to stardom.

Though the film was rather innocent by today's standards, it stirred up a scandal at the time, leaving St Tropez an icon of inquinity and the bikini a fashion explosion, soon to be followed by the topless rage. Modern St Tropez was born. cannes.

Unlike so many other beaches on the Cote d'Azur , the Pampelonne has superbly soft sand and well kept beaches, all differing in style. It's the longlest beach along the Cote d'Azur, strething three miles from Cap de St Tropez to Cap Camerat.

It all began with MAHITI PLAGE, when local fisherman Felix decided to open restaurant on the beach in the late 1950s, inspired by Brigitte Bardot and Gunter Saches. Today it's more than just a restaurant, it's became the playground of all their beautiful international friends, and includes a beach front hotel, a gym, boutiques , tennis, and a pool. A little further down the beach, the choicest of the chic gather at MOOREA under parasols and matching beach mattresses of red and green, making it easy to locate.

MOOREA is a meeting point for anyone who believes he is "somebody" in St Tropez. LA VOILE ROUGE is the meeting point for the "hot" people, the younger and topless generation! alongside the most beautiful women and the most divine playboys. Paul, the owner, knows everyone and everyone knows him. France's ever popular rock star Johnny Halliday, who survived the days of Elvis, hosts a party in one corner and Paul efficiently opens their champagne bottles the traditional way, with asword, before he rushes over to join Luigi, the charismatic bartender who is dancing with a Joan Collins.

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