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"Cities are immortal" - Grotius. De Jure Belli & Pacis.


Situated between Maures and the Esterel, in the lush plains of Argens that are now covered with vines and fruit trees, Fréjus is built on a rocky shelf that slopes gently down 1500 metres to the distant sea. This town is of extraordinary interest to amateur geologists because of its plentiful Roman remains which are reckoned to be among the most varied in the whole of France. The episcopal site comprises the Cathedral, the Cloisters and the Baptistry, plus an interesting collection of architectural artifacts.

The Romans also built here an acqueduct forty kilometres long. For several years now more excavations in the general area of Frèjus have greatly stimulated the tourist industry.

Fréjus gets its name from "Forum Julii", the village having been built by Julius Caesar in 49 BC. It was used as a staging post for troops on the main route to the coast . An important date in its history was when Octavius, the future emperor Augustus, having to fight the fleets of Sextus Pompèe, gave the town the right to have a navy.

He made this growing village into an important naval base and in 39 BC built an arsenal which consisted of light galley ships that were fast and manoeuverable, and trained the crews to such effect that they beat the heavier ships of Anthony and Cleopatra in the battle of Actium (31 BC).

Later this town housed the barracks of the 8th Legion, going by the name of Colonia Octavanorum. Auguste installed an important settlement of veterans made up of ex-Legionaires with all the rights of Roman citizens. He also gave each some silver and a small parcel of land.

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