If you ever wanted a Web-wise shirt, look you further:
    We use ONLY the very, very best: Brands such as Outerbank, and the 100% original American Hanes. The T-shirts WE produce DO NOT WASH OUT when washed at 40C

Our T-Shirts
Permanent and colourful company uniforms, sweatshirts and T-shirts: Originals, from MediAzur and just so overly cool.
We print on sweatshirts, polos and company uniforms.

True-to-Life photographic reproductions along with the ability to print thousands of colours is now possible with our new technique. And check THIS out: 600 Dots per inch resolution for those tricky, but necessary fine details. As if that wasn't enough: Our minimum order requirement is ..... one T-shirt!!
Badges can also be made. Just consider delicate materials (silk is one). Unsure of what you want? Then get in touch with us. Now.

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